About us 

Ideally situated just off the M2 in Sittingbourne Kent offering a range of poultry products. We have from 1 day old hybrid chicks to point of lay chickens and all the items to get you started all at great prices. Plus all the advice you need. 

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Chicks for sale £5 each or 5 for £20!  


Also from 6 weeks old off heat and outdoor ready rearers 

£10! each 

Buy 5+ or more £9! 


Or Also point of lay hens now in stock 


buy 5+ or more £12.50  


Available from 1 day old guaranteed girls and have been vaccinated. They are a hybrid chicken which lay over 330 lovely eggs a year. Wikipedia says these perticular hybrids are known for there superior feed conversion, livability, and egg production.Chick heaters,feeders,drinkers,chicken coops,  

feed,grit,mealworms,leg rings,egg box trays etc also sold.  

Now taking telephone orders with free postage on some items!!! 

Five rearers  

£50 £45! 


Five layers  

£70 £62!