How to care for your chicks/chickens 




For chicks aged 1 day to 6 weeks old  

They will need to be kept indoors with no draughts with either a heat lamp or a chick heater down one end of there "brooder box" the chicks will go under the heat when they are cold and then come out when they have warmed up. 

They will also need wood shavings covering the whole of the bottom of the brooder and a bowl of chick grit the chicks will eat this grit and store it in there gizzards were they use it to grind down there food as they do not have teeth. 

They will also use it to bath in and chuck over themselves to keep clean. 

A brooder box could be anything from a large cardboard box with some mesh over the top to stop them flying out. To a large indoor guinea pig cage just use your imagination or google to look at other people's brooder boxes they have come up with you don't need to go mad and spend a fortune on it as it only lasts them till 6 weeks old 


6 weeks old plus 

They can now go outside in there coop they will need straw in there run unless you have it grassed. They will also like straw in there nest box you can put cardboard in the bottom of there house that they sleep in at night so it makes it Easier to clean.They will also still need chick grit you can put this in a washing up bowl with some oyster shell (which helps produce a strong egg shell) they will also get in the bowl and scratch about. 

Please make shaw you lock your chickens in EVERY night to keep them safe from predictors (foxs). 





For chicks aged 1 day till 6 weeks old  

You should manly stick to there chick crumb this has everything they need in this you can leave there feeder filled up with this at all times as they will eat when they need to.You can give them mealworms as a treat you can give them a few of these everyday and they are great for taming chicks / chickens.They need fresh water each day they will kick sawdust all in it but you can raise there water up on something as they get a bit bigger.they also need access to chick grit. 


For chickens aged 6 weeks plus 

You need to put them on rearer pellets till they are laying which is about 18 weeks can feed them mixed corn which is best thrown out on there run floor in the afternoon to inspire them to scratch about and look for it also mealworms and some fresh veg now and then and other chicken treats but not to many as they can get the runs and not eat as much of there rearer pellets 


For 18 weeks plus  

Your chickens are now laying age and can go on layers pellets and have mixed corn,mealworms,chicken treats,fresh veg,oyster shell (for a strong egg shell) and other foods. 


Your chickens breed is Hy-line brown hybrid 

They should start laying at about 18 weeks old 

They do NOT need a male chicken with them to lay eggs 

The more you interact with them the tamer they will be 

If you have 6ft fence they should not want to get over it  

ALWAYS lock your chickens away at night 

The cleaner you keep them the healthier they will be  


For more help or info please feel free to call me  

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